The Elvis Conspiracy

Award-winning Screenplay

  • Thriller
  • Alternative History
  • Biopic

The Elvis Conspiracy is an award-winning thriller by Rikki Lee Travolta that combines facts and conspiracy theories in the popular alternative history genre. It is the winner of 11 Best Screenplay Awards in the last six months.

The Pitch Deck and Script are available through entertainment attorney Jeff Becker, Partner at Swanson, Martin, & Bell LLP.

When people talk about Elvis at different points in his life, it’s almost like they are talking about totally different people: Young Elvis, Hollywood Elvis, and Vegas Elvis.

Then, of course, there are the conspiracy theories about Elvis’s death compounded by things like his middle name being misspelled on his gravestone and the official weight of his corpse being nearly 100 pounds lighter than his last known live weight. The Elvis Conspiracy takes these tempting conspiracies and reimagines the world of Elvis as if they were true.  The result is an award-winning alternate history screenplay prime for feature film or limited series development. 

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